We use top-notch professional equipment from the most distinguished names in pro audio.

DPA (Danish Professional Audio) Earthworks Microphones   sE Electronics


We have a number of talented recordists on our crew, all skilled audio engineers with plenty of experience. For us, this is by far the most important thing we do. You just can't make a great track from an average recording.


We take care of the mixing and production process, right through to a finished master. If you already have a multi-track recording, we can help you bring out the best in it.


Did your own recording not end up quite how you expected? We can certainly have a go at fixing it for you.


If you're looking to create video content for YouTube or iTunes, we can provide you with a fully produced multi-camera recording, paired perfectly with audio captured and mastered by our sound recordists.


We can help with the creation of those circular things we once called Compact Discs, or even vinyl if that takes your fancy.


We work with a couple of very creative designers, who get very excited about designing album art and coming up with ideas.


If you need a hand designing a website, we have skills on our team ranging from front-end design, right through to server management and high availability.


We can supply crew to assist with recording, lighting or live sound.

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